No two organizations are the same – each comes with their own unique opportunities and challenges – and leading a successful business is a demanding job. From managing a global workforce and optimizing supply chains to remaining competitive and growing profits while functioning in multiple countries, not to mention minimizing risk, remaining on top of new technology, and complying with innumerable regulations, it is a constant juggling act to run a flourishing international organization. HLB advisory consultants understand these challenges and help clients all over the world create strategic plans, make smart decisions, and realize organizational excellence. Working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, including startups, public and private companies, nonprofits and large corporations, we bring the knowledgeable, outside perspective needed for long-term success, particularly for those looking to open, manage or grow a location in the United States.

 Whether you are looking to just research opportunities for a U.S. expansion or ready to open multiple locations in different states, our advisors will listen to your plans and share their expertise, working collaboratively to help you uncover opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and reach those goals. Balancing the big picture with a detailed approach, HLB consultants help businesses improve operations, establish strategic relationships, and increase revenue and profits at all stages of a business’ lifecycle. So whether you are a small business looking for ways to finance a U.S. expansion, a non-profit that needs to improve operations, or a large corporation looking to minimize risk and better meet global customer needs, we have the team that can help you achieve your definition of organization excellence.

Advisory Services include:

Financial Advisory

  • Corporate finance & transactions
  • Crypto assets advisory
  • Wealth asset management

Management Consulting

  • Corporate governance
  • Entrepreneur advisory
  • Human capital advisory
  • Operations management
  • Strategy consulting

Technology Advisory

  • Big data & analytics
  • Digital solutions
  • Digital transformation advisory
  • Technology platforms

Risk Advisory

  • Business recovery& restructuring
  • Cyber risk
  • Financial risk
  • Forensic& investigation services
  • Operational risk
  • Regulatory risk
  • Strategic & reputational risk
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